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We. Love. Wool.

Wool&Prince is founded on the idea that guys get more out of life when they have fewer things.

That’s why we’re bringing the time-tested benefits of merino wool to everyday garments. Our vision is to own less, own better, and get to the things we love doing.

In it for the benefits

The truth is, the benefits of wool are nothing new. It’s wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and temperature-regulating. It’s odor-resistant and even a little stain-resistant, too. Wool does what other fibers can’t which is why it’s been a go-to in speciality apparel. We decided it was time to bring these same benefits to the clothing we wear everyday. From our polos and henleys to the button downs that made us famous, we’ve proven there are guys—like us—who want clothing they can wear more and wash less.

The Science of Wool

We're committed to better

We stand by our commitment to making better, longer-lasting apparel and we’re confident that you’ll notice the difference. If for any reason your Wool&Prince item doesn’t meet your expectations, send us an email and we’ll make it right. Or if you’ve loved and lived in your W&P piece for years now and it needs mending, contact us at the email below. We’d love to help you keep it in your rotation.

Our practice

We sponsor Only What Matters, an online community of people practicing thoughtful consumption and simple living. We discuss a variety of topics including living with less, travel, wool care, and wardrobe optimization.

Wool&Prince embraces the Only What Matters mindset by making longer-lasting apparel and encouraging a less is more mindset thoughtful consumption.

We welcome you to join.

We report to you, not investors

Our founder, Mac, loves running this company. He started the business after successfully wearing a wool shirt for 100 straight days without washing or ironing. The concept went viral and Wool&Prince was born. Each quarter Mac gives a personal update of where we’ve been and where we’re heading. It’s a chance for customers to provide feedback and suggestions to the team. After all, Wool&Prince is the company it is today because of feedback from people like you.

Founder’s Blog