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Care Instructions


Option 1: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, lay flat or line dry.
Option 2: Take to dry cleaners and specifically ask for "dry cleaning and not laundering". Laundering will ruin the shirt.

More woven care information here


Gentle cycle on cold. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Hand wash cold. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, line dry.


Dry clean

Size Guide


Measure around the middle of your neck, leaving the tape loose.


Measure around your natural waist, keeping the tape a bit loose.


Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest

Arm length

Measure from the back of your neck across the top of your shoulder to your elbow, and down to your wrist

Size Extra SmallXS
Neck 13.5-14"
Chest 32-34"
Waist 26-28"
Arm Length 31-32"
Size SmallS
Neck 14-14.5"
Chest 35-37"
Waist 29-31"
Arm Length 32-33"
Size MediumM
Neck 15-15.5"
Chest 38-40"
Waist 32-34"
Arm Length 33-34"
Size LargeL
Neck 16-16.5"
Chest 41-43"
Waist 35-37"
Arm Length 34-35"
Size Extra LargeXL
Neck 17-17.5"
Chest 44-46"
Waist 38-40"
Arm Length 35-36"

Need more size information? Click here for shirt measurements and here for a note about our fits.

Our first ever woven shirt sale. Ends 11/1 Our first ever woven shirt sale. Ends 11/1

Everyday Merino

Your next shirt could be on us.

Wear a Wool&Prince shirt for 100 days straight and your next shirt is on us.

Back in 2012 Wool&Prince’s founder, Mac Bishop, set out to wear a wool shirt for 100 days straight—without washing. He noticed merino wool gaining popularity with outdoor enthusiasts and wanted to find out first-hand how great merino really was. The results were impressive: the shirt made it through the 100 days, the story went viral, and Wool&Prince was born.

Mac’s 100-Day Challenge confirmed what the wool industry and outdoor enthusiasts alike had been claiming: wool is a performance fabric with remarkable odor-resistant properties. Fast forward seven years and Mac just completed another 100-Day Challenge, this time with Wool&Prince’s Burgundy Oxford 210. Yes, you read that right. He voluntarily wore a shirt for 100 days straight on two separate occasions.

Mac now invites you to do a 100-Day Challenge, or at least attempt one. He’s convinced you could benefit from simplifying your morning routine, making “what to wear” the easiest question of your day. Here are some reasons you should give it a try:

• Spend less time and money doing laundry and dry cleaning (duh!)
• Learn how to get more wears out of a garment (e.g. when you spill on your shirt, you'll immediately take action to clean it since you're wearing it again tomorrow!)
• Recognize what you need and don't need in your wardrobe.
• Realize that your clothing isn’t what defines you (have you heard of the spotlight effect? It’s a phenomenon in which people tend to believe they are being noticed more than they really are.)
• Have more money to spend on experiences with the people that make you the happiest.
• Reduce your impact on the planet when you realize you don't need a closet packed full of clothing.
• Meet interesting people—there’s a whole community interested in this type of stuff.
• If you complete the challenge, we'll gift you your next W&P shirt.

Start your challenge today, and you're only 99 days away from a free shirt.


Scenes from Mac's 2019 100-Day Challenge in the Burgundy Oxford 210.


Just a few details.

• Wear any of our products for 100 days straight.
• No need to apply or inquire. Just let us know when you’ve finished. Better yet, clue us in during your challenge so we can follow along. There is currently no deadline for the challenge.
• After the challenge, upload 100 photos to Google Drive or tag 100 photos on Insta/FB.
• When tagging us on social media, please use the following tags: @woolandprince, #woolandprince. Email us at
• Once we know that you've completed the challenge, we'll send you a survey and a code for a free garment (the value being equal to the garment you wore for the challenge)! One per customer.
• Please drop your email into this form to let us know that you're starting the 100 day challenge.

100-Day tips

• Don’t sweat (jk, but sweating less will help).
• Hang your garment in a well ventilated area when not in use.
• If the pits start to smell, wet with warm water and hang to dry overnight.
• For button-downs, our 210 fabric weight will perform best.
• For button-downs, consider wearing one of our undershirts.

What are you waiting for?

This should be a fun, personal challenge. It can be a great conversation starter, or you just might be able to fly under the radar with no one ever noticing. Whatever your experience, we can't wait to hear about it. Please drop your email into this form to let us know that you're starting the 100 day challenge.


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