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Everyday Merino

Performance, in disguise.

Effective activewear is all about the right fabric. And nothing beats merino.

The harder you sweat, the more impressive merino becomes, because it evaporates sweat and eliminates odors better than any other material on the market. If you want workout clothing that doesn't smell after a single session, switch to merino.

Our teesboxerssocks, and neck gaiters are ready to provide you a more efficient wardrobe for your workouts. For cooler weather, take a look at our sweatshirts and hoodies.

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Sweat itself doesn't smell, it's actually the bacteria on our skin breaking down sweat that creates the odor we all know too well. So a shirt that can pull sweat away from your skin and evaporate it into the air has less chance for odor buildup. To get the most from your shirt, hang it to dry after a workout. It'll be fresh and dry by the time you need it. 


Black Crew Neck Tee. $74

Silver Birch Crew Neck Tee. $74

Use what you already own.

You don't need a special "running" shirt. Instead, just put the merino tee you already wear to even more use. That's the whole idea behind owning less: to get every ounce of value from what you already own.

"I ran 5 miles in 85°F weather. It dried during my walk home, so I decided not to wash it. No one noticed a thing."


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