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Q3 2020 Founder's Update

I’m on a text chain with some buddies scattered around the country and most of us are starting to think about the next phase of life: starting a family. Last night we all shared a voice update on “where do you want to be in five years”. (We love voice updates. They’re so much easier to consume and to produce than texting!)

We got our partners involved too. Caitlin and I spent 15 minutes charting the next five years and I left a six minute update for the text chain.

Many of you probably already use goal setting, but a couple takeaways from last night:
-It doesn’t have to be a daunting exercise. 15 minutes of thinking or discussion and 5 to 10 minutes of documenting your thoughts.
-Share your goals with friends or family. Accountability and support go a long way.

For Caitlin and me, taking a look at where we want to be, what we want to be doing, and who we want to be with was refreshing and energizing. With all the uncertainty around COVID, visualizing a better future gives us the optimism needed to take on the current challenges.

Our Sale

We had our first ever sale (aside from our standard retiring section and BFCM promotion). Woven shirts have been hit hard by the WFH trend (take a look at Brooks Brothers and J. Crew). These changing habits put us in a tough position and we needed to act quickly. Going forward, our woven shirts will be marked down 15% until we get to a more comfortable inventory position.

We price our products without the markup that you see at most other clothing companies and will continue to be transparent and consistent with our pricing.


We’ll be doing our usual gift with purchase, but this time, you’ll get the option of choosing between three different items. We'll keep it a secret for now, but I bet you could figure it out if you wanted to.


Our pant offering is growing: jeans, stretch chinos, non-stretch chinos, and now joggers. And we’re also working on a 5 pocket stretch pant for next year. We like to say “merino from head to toe,” and now we’re backing that up with a variety of pant options. Check them out.

Throw Blanket

If you love our merino wool interlock material used in the heavy crew and the joggers, we made that up into a throw blanket under our sister brand, wool&.

wool throw

Half-Zip and Full-Zip

Our merino half-zip and full-zip will be available by the end of November. We’re using a new ponte fabric which is hard-wearing, stretchy, and warm. Replacing that micro-fiber shedding polyester fleece is about to get a whole lot easier.

FullZip and HalfZip


Guess what this couple dressed up as?!


As always, shoot me your comments or questions below.

On a personal note, Caitlin and I spent some time in the Goat Rock Wilderness Area (cover photo) and Leavenworth recently. We got lucky with weather and both spots exceeded expectations. Check them out if you're in the Pacific NW.