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Care Instructions


When necessary, we recommend taking your shirt to the dry cleaners for a crisp look. You can also machine wash your shirt using normal cycle on cold with regular laundry detergent. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Gentle cycle on cold with regular laundry detergent. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Hand wash cold. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.

Size Guide


Measure around the middle of your neck, leaving the tape loose.


Measure around your natural waist, keeping the tape a bit loose.


Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest

Arm length

Measure from the back of your neck across the top of your shoulder to your elbow, and down to your wrist

Size Extra SmallXS
Neck 13.5-14"
Chest 32-34"
Waist 26-28"
Arm Length 31-32"
Size SmallS
Neck 14-14.5"
Chest 35-37"
Waist 29-31"
Arm Length 32-33"
Size MediumM
Neck 15-15.5"
Chest 38-40"
Waist 32-34"
Arm Length 33-34"
Size LargeL
Neck 16-16.5"
Chest 41-43"
Waist 35-37"
Arm Length 34-35"
Size Extra LargeXL
Neck 17-17.5"
Chest 44-46"
Waist 38-40"
Arm Length 35-36"

Need more size information? Click here for shirt measurements and here for a note about our fits.

Free shipping, free exchanges in the USA. Free shipping, free exchanges in the USA.

130 Spread Collar Shirt

The shirts that made us famous—featured in over 150 publications around the world. The 130gsm is our signature fabric weight, light enough to wear year around.

The shirts that made us famous—featured in over 150 publications around the world. The 130gsm is our signature fabric weight, light enough to wear year around.

The shirt that started it all, with a spread collar.

We were tired of the dry cleaners, so we decided to make a better button-down (yes, we know you're looking at a spread collar). Relying on the natural benefits of merino wool, we designed these shirts designed to be worn more and washed less. Our founder wore his for 100 days straight, just to prove the performance of merino (side note, you can earn a free shirt doing the same).

Replace your entire closet of shirts with just a couple of ours. They're better for you, your wallet, and the environment. They're just better.

Read the shirt guide and learn about our different fabrics.


130gsm Merino
100% Merino Wool
All Oxfords 17.5 Micron
All Patterns 18.5 Micron

210gsm Merino
100% Merino Wool
17.5 Micron

Machine wash cold with like colors, 
line dry or tumble dry low. 
Low iron if needed.

Made in Shanghai.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Darren R.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185
Fit Purchased: Slim
Size Purchased: L
Good shirt; a couple of considerations

I really like this shirt and would buy it again. I love the fit (measurements are spot on), color, and styling. A couple of things which detract a star for me. First is the wrinkle resistance. The care instructions recommend washing as little as possible and dry cleaning when needed. This isn't always feasible for a travel shirt. A hand or machine wash will require ironing in my experience so far. Second, the 130gsm fabric is itchier than other wool (150gsm Smartwool) products I own. An undershirt is a must for me.

Nicholas L.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Fit Purchased: Slim
Size Purchased: S
Great fit, feel, and look

This is easily my new favorite shirt. The wool has fantastic temperature control. Even at 90F it was comfortable. The fabric looks, feels, and smells clean even after multiple wears. I'll be ordering a few more. More light color choices please!

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150
Fit Purchased: Regular
Size Purchased: S
Disappointed in these shirts . . . shkrinkage!

So I have had a really tortured relationship with these shirts. I should say first that the material is incredible and the finish and overall quality is just what you expect from Wool & Prince---exquisite. But I have had a terrible star-crossed relationship with them, some of which is my fault and some of which is a major flaw with the shirts. Apologies in advance; this might be lengthy.

So I am planning on leaving the country soon and I am replacing my entire wardrobe with almost NOTHING but W&P products: nothing but W&P underwear, undershirts, t-shirts, polos, and spread-collar shirts. I bought maybe $800 worth of all-new W&P items in April or something, then had a personal catastrophe and lost my ENTIRE WARDROBE, and almost everything I own. (Something disastrous happened to my house; I can't bring myself to talk about it in detail, it's so awful.)

So I'm now out a large quantity of money that I spent all-new W&P clothing, and I have replace all the all-new W&P clothes which I just purchased to replace my OLD wardrobe.

I do this. I buy a dozen new pairs of underwear, new t-shirts, new polos, and three new spread-collar shirts. Again, a lot of money. And with the spread collar shirts, I was VERY careful---I fall between sizes. So I bought a small (regular fit) and a medium (slim fit) to see which was better.

I small (regular fit) was clearly the correct fit.

So I sent back the medium (slim) and bought two more small (regular fit) shirts. So now, after paying for SIX spread collar shirts, I now own THREE small (regular fit) spread-collar shirts.

None of this is so far W&P's fault. (In fact, they were GREAT during this whole process; their customer service is really without fail incredible.)

But here is where the problem comes in.

I obviously didn't wash either the small or the medium when I was trying them on to see which was correct (because I had to send one back). So after I sent the medium (slim) back and bought two more small (regular) shirts, I washed them in cold, like always, hang dried them, and then tried them on, aaaaaand . . .

They shrank so much they are really unwearable.

And now that I've washed them I can't return or exchange them.

So now I have spent $768 on spread collar shirts THAT I CANNOT WEAR.

Half of that is not W&P's fault---it was just the bad-luck of my personal tragedy---but I'm now faced with the fact that I'm going to have buy THREE MORE SPREAD COLLAR SHIRTS IN MEDIUM AND SPEND YET ANOTHER $384.

That's $1150 dollars for three spread collar shirts.



Even if you wash on cold and hang-dry like you are supposed to.

Hey there Adam, thanks for your review and long-standing support of Wool&Prince. We're so glad you have loved our products and service!

We definitely wouldn't expect our woven shirts to shrink this much. Many of our customers do care for their shirts with cold machine washes without issue. But it sounds like your shirts have been exposed to some heat or hot water in the process of cleaning it, which caused some shrinkage. Some washing machines have cold cycles that run on the warmer end of what would be considered cold. For this reason, in your case we would recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with cold water and allowing the shirt to air dry to prevent shrinkage.

Can you please reach out to with some photos so we can see how we can assist you further?

Stephen D.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205
Fit Purchased: Slim
Size Purchased: XL
Nice fit and feel

Great wool dress shirt. Nice fit and feel.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180
Fit Purchased: Slim
Size Purchased: M

I own two button down casual shirts and the light gray spread collar all in Medium Slim. I'm broad-shouldered, wear a 39R in suits, 15.5/33.5 in shirts, and have a 31" waist. Medium Slim fits me like it's bespoke, and I get compliments on them all the time.
I'd really, really love a spread collar shirt in white. I saw it briefly as it was being retired and unfortunately not available in my size. Other than that request, no complaints.