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Merino Wool

The Key To Better Travel.

Never Check A Bag Again.

Imagine this: You’re flying to San Francisco for work. Trip length: five days. You board with just one carry-on bag that has everything you need. No checked bag fees. No waiting at baggage claim. Definitely no missing luggage. Heck, you don’t even need to pop the trunk of the Uber when it pulls up. You just hop in and go. Everything you need is on your back. You’re a nimble, light-weight traveler who only takes what is needed.

If you think this is impossible, you’re not alone. That's what I used to think. But there’s a community of people out there who are proving otherwise. They refer to themselves as one-baggers, priding themselves on finding the most efficient tech, garments, and packs to maximize their comfort and freedom for all of their travels. These folks travel a lot, and they share their best tips and pack lists in hopes of finding the perfect system (we aren’t sure a one-size-fits-all pack list exists). Still, the thing most one-baggers have in common is their love for merino wool.


The Tortuga 35L Outbreaker is a great option for Onebag Travel.


Utilize Merino Wool.

One-baggers know packing merino means packing less because you can wear wool over and over with no smell. They know you can stuff merino into a pack, and any wrinkles will fall out as you wear it. They know you can be comfortable wearing merino in both cold and warm weather. Merino wool is a performance material, which is why it’s been worn by athletes for years and years. Here at Wool&Prince we bring those wool benefits to everyday apparel, the clothing we wear most.

One-bagging is just another way that merino wool betters our lives.

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By the Wool&Prince brand director, Christopher Scott.

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