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Peter Gjovik

Peter Gjovik spends his 9-5 hours working as a marketing coordinator for a Portland non-profit. Outside of work, Peter is a photographer, videographer, and started a company with two friends called The Good Camp.

Photography by Mattie Krall

Tell us about your work and your side hustle, The Good Camp?

I’ve had the pleasure of working in non-profits for years and currently I’m the Marketing Coordinator at Serendipity Center. Serendipity is a non-profit, K-12 Therapeutic School for kids challenged by the effects of trauma and disability. We provide an environment for kids to heal, learn and to become productive community members...When I’m not working 9-5, I’m a freelance photographer, videographer, and started a company with two friends called The Good Camp (TGC). We’re a creative firm that specializes in storytelling, content creation, and branding for artists, consumer products, and businesses. Last year we were able to travel to Prague to work with a client, that was a big moment for us.

How do you find time for The Good Camp?

I think most people who traffic in creative fields would tell you that their 9-5 is only a fraction of their career. So much of the work that has defined my professional life has been projects that I pursued on my own or collaborated with friends on.One thing I remind myself of during stressful moments is that "time is an ally" and patience pays off when you're elevating your side hustle into something bigger. At the end of the day you should be working on something that brings you joy, otherwise, what's the point.

How do you keep your creative reservoir full?

Keeping multiple irons in the fire can be a disaster when it comes to finishing something and moving on, but it is absolutely an inspirational asset. Having the ability to zig-zag around creative roadblocks is important. It's a non-linear problem solving strategy, but it almost always gets me to where I wanted to go.

Like other creatives we know, you found your way to Portland. Tell us about that move.

Long story short, my girlfriend Mattie and I had been dating long distance when I decided to move from St. Paul, Minnesota to Portland. I was getting restless, having grown up and gone to school in the Midwest I was ready for a change of scenery.

How’s the transition been?

I will always have a deep love for Minnesota, the majority of my friends and family are there, and not seeing them regularly is the most difficult part of being away, but Portland has adopted us. We have made lifelong friends here and it seems that each year we find new people and places to love.

Okay, so we have to ask, what’s it like having your girlfriend shoot this feature?

Mattie and I have been in front of the camera countless times for one another. Whether we are just taking pictures for our own enjoyment or shooting for friends and brands, we have developed a good understanding of the composition and vision the other person is trying to achieve. Now that's not to say it always goes exactly as planned, ha! Because we are both independent and creative people, we often have to marriage our instincts with what the other person is thinking to get to a result we can both be happy with. It's a balancing act, but it's easy to trust someone as talented as her.

When you're not working, what are you up to?

I've been a fan of the NBA for about as long as I can remember. I have an ongoing text chain with two close Minnesota friends that is 90% hoops talk. Lucky for me, my childhood coincided with the most successful run of Minnesota Timberwolves basketball ever. For me the Wolves are a huge part of being connected to Minnesota. When I am home for the holidays, I catch at least one game at the Target Center. If in some strange universe where a Wolves vs. Blazers Conference finals was possible, I would spend my savings on courtside seats and be the lone Minnesota fan in a sea of red and black.

What’d you think about the new 50/25/25 White button-down?

Honestly, I’ve never received so many compliments on a piece of clothing in my life, no BS. It’s an infinitely versatile shirt which is a priority for how I’m dressing these days. I can wear it casually and not overdressed while running errands but it also looks great under a blazer for more serious occasions. It’s comforting to know that my closet just got a significant upgrade with one item.

Peter is 6', 170 lbs, and wears a size S regular fit button-down.

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