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Everyday Merino

Naturally Dyed Merino

Meet our Natural Dye Collection. Tees specially dyed with all natural, plant-based ingredients: indigo, buckthorn berry, logwood, and iron. We love to infuse the natural world into our clothing, and we’re excited to bring you shirts with color every bit as natural as the merino itself.


Logwood Gray, Naturally Dyed Tee. $98

Merino wool is strongly connected to the natural world, so using natural, plant-based ingredients felt right to us. The tonality and variation from tee to tee makes each garments one-of-a-kind. 

Indigo Blue, Naturally Dyed Tee. $98.

We worked with Pennsylvania-based Green Matters Natural Dye Co. to garment dye the tees, which means that the tees were fully sewn prior to dying. Garment dying gives every shirt its own character with a unique depth, texture, and shade of its own.

Buckthorn Green, Naturally Dyed Tee. $79.


We're committed to experimenting with and scaling our natural dye production processes as we continue to reduce our environmental impact.




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