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Wool vs Cotton

Wool vs. Cotton

Cotton is a popular, natural material; but we’ve found merino to be the superior fiber. Here are five ways wool beats cotton.


1. Less Stink
Hang around a bonfire or smoky bar and you know you’re going to have to wash your clothes before wearing them again. But that’s not the case if you’re wearing wool. Wool's ability to evaporate smell is remarkable. Your cotton shirt will start to stink after just one or two wears. On the other hand, wool can go weeks at a time (even 100 days) without showing signs of smell.

2. Less Care
Thanks to its ability to stay fresh, wool clothing can be worn more and washed less compared to cotton or any other material. So save a little time, money, and energy by wearing wool. It’s better for you and your shirt. Laundry takes a toll on your clothing (not to mention the environment). So the less you do laundry, the happier your clothes (and planet) will be.

"Wore W&P tees for three weeks in Thailand, 90f+ degrees, 1000% humidity. Flat out amazing shirts, so comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking. Donated my cotton shirts when I got home and haven’t looked back."

-Shea E.

Our Crew Neck Tee in Teal.

3. Less Care
Our merino fabric will redefine your take on how comfortable wool can feel. But there’s more to comfort than touch. Look at the gear-obsessed outdoor community: they’ve put their trust in wool base layers for years. On the warm end, wool wicks sweat and breathes keeping your cool. On the other, it traps your body heat and keeps you warm. If you’ve ever switched from cotton socks to wool, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

“I was pretty hesitant to spend this much on a t-shirt... a week later I was dropping off the rest of my wardrobe at Goodwill. Three orders later and I rarely wear anything but W&P.”

-Brian C.

4. Wrinkle Resistance
Cotton wrinkles like crazy, and no one likes ironing. In contrast, wool fibers naturally resist wrinkling. Some wool clothing will never show a wrinkle, others simply wrinkle less. Either way, you’ll always look neater in wool than in cotton. And unlike other wrinkle resistant clothing, wool accomplishes the same feat naturally, without a harsh chemical treatment that washes off over time.

Our Blue Stripe Button-Down.

5. Quick Dry
The breathable nature of wool means it dries faster than cotton. Significantly faster. This is great if you’re working up a sweat on the trail, or if you’re doing laundry in a hotel sink. Hang your shirt before you go to bed, and it’ll be dry when you wake up. That cotton shirt will be uncomfortably damp.

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We say own less, own better. There’s a reason why guys leading minimalist lifestyles seek out wool clothing: every item needs to provide maximum benefit.

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Did you know that before the wetsuit was invented, wool shirts and sweaters were used by surfers to keep warm?