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Everyday Merino

The Travel Collection

Merino, travel, and living with less have always been the driving forces behind Wool&Prince.

It just so happens that we share these passions with Pack Hacker, one of our all-time favorite travel and gear blogs. Wearing merino wool equips us and our customers to travel the world with very little in our bags. We’ve been friends with Tom and the folks at Pack Hacker since the early days of our company, and we’ve always admired their keen eye for the best travel bags, apparel, and gear on the market. It was only natural that we paired up with them for our first-ever, limited-edition travel collection.


Our relationship with Pack Hacker began years ago when our founder, Mac provided their team with gear for testing and worked together on a video about Only What Matters–a community of aspiring minimalists sponsored by Wool&Prince. A few years later, we were coming off a successful underwear collaboration, and were looking to try another. We thought of Pack Hacker as the perfect partner to develop a travel collection with.


Ellie, our design director and Tom worked together to create these pieces. They sent each other sketches, trim samples, and finally prototypes for wear testing between our respective offices in Portland and Detroit. Tom brought a critical eye for features that travelers actually want, avoiding unnecessary (and unused) add-ons. Of course, merino wool is the primary feature, as it’s able to be worn more between washes, and keeps you comfortable in all climates. We’ve relied on our proven blends to increase durability, so you don't have to worry about pilling and can machine wash your garments when needed. We’ve chosen dark colors to hide the dirt and wear that inevitably come with heavy travel. Pack Hacker’s teal accents signify the collaborative effort and subtly add some contrast. Each piece has stash pockets to keep your cards and cash securely on your body with no extra carry item needed. And we’ve added locker loops as the perfect way to hang your pieces when you don’t have a hanger.


Travel Zip Hoodie. $228

Travel Zip Hoodie

The collection includes three simple, yet technical pieces: the Travel Zip Hoodie, Travel Tee (in black and charcoal heather), and Travel Neck Tube. First off, the hoodie. You’ll immediately notice reinforced nylon paneling on the back of the arms, the area that gets the most wear. We’ve wrapped the same nylon around the hood for style and to provide a bit of water resistance.

Zipper garage. Hidden stretch pocket.

How to self-pack the Travel Zip Hoodie.

Our french terry fabric has stretch, is soft to the touch, and the interior structure boosts insulation. When it gets wet, the sweatshirt is quick drying (like all our merino products). A midweight fabric (235gsm), it was chosen to provide you warmth, but still compress and pack easily into its own hood. The kangaroo pockets use low-profile zippers to keep your goods secure, and on the left there is a hidden, stretch pocket sized for credit cards and cash. The reverse coil, locking main zipper slips into a garage at the top to prevent irritating metal to skin contact. All in all, this is a hoodie with every feature you’d want, and none that you don’t.

Travel Tee. $98

Travel Tee

The Travel Tee uses our hero 78/22 merino blend, with an additional mesh layer in the back of the shirt that creates a pocket for the shirt to roll into. The mesh uses material found in swimwear, which is soft and quick-drying. On the right side, toward the bottom hem, you’ll find a zippered stash pocket sized again for cards and cash. The Travel Tee is available in black or charcoal heather.

Travel tee stash pocket.

How to self-pack the Travel Tee.

Travel Neck Tube. $44

Travel Neck Tube

The third item in the collection is the Travel Neck Tube, a multipurpose merino piece that you can wear as a scarf, a sleeping mask (think long flights), a headband, or even as a face mask. It even includes a small pocket for cards, cash, or other small items like a key (think jogs around the neighborhood), and can pack into itself, similar to a pair of socks. You’ll be amazed at the use you get out of this thing.

Travel Neck Tube and interior overlap pocket.

Our travel collection excels as everyday wear too, as we know that many of you have had to put travel plans on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can test the items around the house, get comfortable with the added features, and be ready when traveling is a safe option again.

We hope that this is just the beginning of more collaborations to come. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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