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Everyday Merino

Australia needs our help.

New South Wales is burning.

As many of you know, Australia is in the middle of a devastating wildfire. As of now, over 15 million acres have burned, leaving thousands displaced and without a home. Worse yet, people have perished, including those volunteering to fight the fire. And of course the destruction is taking its toll on wildlife, with conservative estimates placing animal deaths at 500 million.

Australia is the wool capital of the world, and if you wear Wool&Prince, you’re almost certainly wearing Australian wool. Though our office is thousands of miles away, we know this is our problem, too. So we’re donating 10% of today and tomorrow’s gross profits to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery of Australia.

Even if you don’t make a purchase this week, you can donate directly through the following links below. Let’s help those affected by the fire, and let’s help those working to end it.

Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery
Australian Salvation Army
St. Vincent's
New South Wales Rural Fire Service